Question: Passing dynamic variables between two blueprints

I have two blueprints:

BP_A: Has an Float called **ShareVar **which is set by a float timeline which goes from 0-5 (length 5 seconds, auto play, loop, see attached Pic)
BP_A has increasing values which I want to be able to pass to multiple additional blueprints

BP_B (see attached pic)
OnComponentBeginOverlap of a simple box, I wish to access the current value of ShareVar from BP_A

I have gone through

The casting fails - what am I doing wrong?


your timeline doesn’t appear as autoplay (the autoplay symbol is not visible) and is the actor which does the overlap BP_A ? If no, this is normal that cast fails as your box send reference of the actor which did the overlap. You need to create a reference and cast from it if this is the case.

whoops - thanks!