Question over game menus

So, ive been through most of the tutorials, and I am a programmer by trade, so this may come off as a noob question but bear with me. In all other engines I’ve built/worked (most homegrown or open source) the development process used the concepts of a screen (similiar to level in ue4), except that the screens could encompass anything. I imagine that ue4 can do similar, so one screen would be a game menu, another character select, another the beginning splash screen.

And to be honest as a dirty little secret, I’ve mostly been playing with Blueprints, because they are so fun and easy that I have yet needed to code or learn the api for my purposes, except for I believe now… (i know, bad programmer!)

Anyway, I am trying to understand the process, and workflow for the beginning splash screen stuff, and true game menus (not in-game menus which have tons of examples and seem in a way “tutorial’d” out), so that my game can have a basic skeleton to build on (specifically I want to build a level select menu). I have come to the following conclusions:

  1. Learn slate, use it for the menus and start screens (but i’ve read doing graphics is really painful)
  2. Draw on Canvas (but i’ve read is pretty low level)
  3. Use matinee somehow (someone suggested this to me)

So my question (finally) is, which is the way that what I am trying to do is accomplished in ue4? I have no problems researching the answer, but everything in ue4 docs/tuts/wherever I search seems solely focused on gameplay (which kind of makes sense). The thing is, it seems that either way I choose I’m either entirely generating from scratch, or hacking together enough to fit the square peg in the round hole. It just seems that with all the niceties that ue4 is, this area is bare and lacking support. Am I correct or entirely wrong? I can build a material that creates heat distortion (some badass shaders) but I can’t find how to make my game screen logic? Any help in the right direction would really help me along.