Question On : Tutorial Slate Introduction ‒ Basic Menu Part 1


I am student in computing we have to create a video game for our project of the end of year. We wished to work with Unreal Engine 4.10. I take care of the menu at present, and I have a small concern(marigold) with one of the functions(offices):
In MainMenuUI.h (I create the class, and under VisualStudio he(it) puts me as name: SMainMenuUI a hour / cpp (I presume that it is logical in itself(oneself) that we use ScompoundWidget.) then major problem and the only one are: in the class MainMenuHUD.cpp (the function(office) SAssignNew (MainMenuUI, SMainMenuUI). MainMenuHUD ( this ); he does not want to compile her(it) to me, and similar for the range mode(fashion) (even when I change the file already creates he makes me nothing).

And I would want so loose my camera of a character. (During a right click or quite different touch of action(share) which that this allows me to make my camèra revolve in 360 ° without the character moves, can use me?

Ps: Sorry for my English, I use begun VisualStudio 2015 and Unreal Engine 4.10

Thank you again for your help!