Question on submission

I’ve got a few questions:

  1. Does the lifetime license extend to non-UE4 usage? Can they export purchased assets and use in, say, a Unity game?
  2. When you submit to the Marketplace, are you supposed to receive an email back? I submitted, and then one day my submission just appeared on Trello. I would hate to miss out on any correspondence in case that’s not how it’s supposed to work.
  3. If we would like to update part of our submission on the Trello board, is that possible? I’ve tidied up some of my assets and added some materials, and wouldn’t mind if the pics reflected that.
  4. If your submission is eventually moved to Marketplace, is there a way to keep it updated? Say you make some improved materials and you’d like to add them to the pack, is that possible?

Thanks for any info!

Since UE4 has an FBX exporter, it isn’t impossible to be able to take assets out of UE4. Check the business terms for more info.

The submission process is evolving, and we’ve gathered a lot of great feedback from you all. We’re looking into better ways to communicate status. At this point, we will certainly reach out if there’s a problem with the submission.

Our marketplace support process is also evolving! For now – shoot me a PM with the corrections and I’ll get em fixed.

Absolutely, and we encourage it. More info on this soon!