Question on split and join landscape

Hi everybody,
I need to cut a stripe of my landscape but I don’t know how to rejoin/move the two separated parts.

Here you can add/remove parts of the landscape:

When you want to join two landscapes, just export both parts as a heightmap - put the together in photoshop or gimp - import it.

Thank you .
Unfortunately the exporting of heightmap doesn’t work properly with Gimp (I don’t have Photoshop) because it can’t export png images at 16 bit and I experienced that with only 8 bit the imported landscape won’t be smooth.
I found another way to do what I needed, playing with the component tools of the Manage tab (that you kindly added as a screenshot).
I selected the landscape component that I wanted to move up.
Then I pressed Ctrl+c to copy them and a LandscapeGizmoActiveActor was created. (See: https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Landscape/Editing/Gizmos/index.html)
I moved up the gizmo over the part of the landscape I wanted to delete.
Then I pressed Ctrl+v and pasted it over them.
Finally I deleted (in the way you suggested) the original component of the landscape I’ve copied.

Hope this could help someone.