Question on simple BP visibility toggling

I’m following this very simple tutorial here, the first one regarding toggling lights. At around the 0.58 mark, he calls a function on the PointLight called SetVisibility:


I have opened the Level Blueprint in my project, I have selected the PointLight in my level, right click in the BP Graph, and I see the following:


Why do I not see the same function list as in the tutorial? I have tried everything I can think of and still cannot see how to simply toggle on and off a simple point light. I am using V 4.11.2.

Any help appreciated! I know it’s difficult to get started on new things but this just seems like it should match up with the tutorial, obviously I am doing something wrong.

why are you inside of the level bp? try to make it inside of the light bp and turn it on and off there

Can you find a Toggle Visibility node in the list of actions if you uncheck the Context Sensitive box in the upper right of that popup window (under Rendering)?