Question on racing game (beginner)

I’m a beginner in Unreal Engine 4.
I’m just trying out the default racing track with the added racing track I had modelled from Maya LT.
When I press play, the car does not fit the racing track that I had created,
do you know how to fix the default car to the track I had modelled and imported to the Unreal Engine?

Thank you for the help,


if you modeled it as seen in the picture as one piece then i would guess that the collision generated when you imported your track isnt correct. basically if you didnt define custom collision and had unreal create the collision for you then it probably just made a cube around your mesh. try opening the mesh then go to the toolbar at the top and click collision then select simple collision. the box (should be green) that comes up when you do this is the simple collision and is what affects if you can pass through to fix your issue you can either go and create your own custom collision in the modeling software (which eventually you will want to learn to do) or you can use a workaround in engine that will work for the purposes of learning though i dont know how it would affect optimization in a finished game (hence why i recommend learning to make custom collision).

so to do the workaround im talking about you will just need to change a setting in the mesh. so with the mesh opened go to the details panel on the right and search for collision complexity. change the value of collision complexity to “use complex as simple”. this will allow your car to exist in the inset area of your track.

hope this helps. if this wasnt the issue or you need more help let me know

Thank you.