Question on Mod Interaction

I am new to modding on ARK and I am coming from doing some modding on Rust and there mods can communicate with each other using Oxide and I was wondering if anyone has figured out how to make two mods talk to each other like that in ARK. Just curious if it is possible and I have been looking at blueprint interfaces or event dispatchers but I can’t figure out how you would get references to blueprints in other mods. If someone has figured this out could I get some pointers on this. Thanks.

Not in a generic way. If one would create some interfaces, share them and every mod maker would make use of them you could get it running but besides that I can’t think of a way. But I am only so long right until someone proofs me wrong. Could be that I am missing something here.

Yeah that was one option I was looking at so I might need to test it just worried at how reliable it is going to be.

So I have been looking in to both event dispatchers and blueprint interfaces but both require a reference to a blueprint that implements the interface or handles the event in question and I am not seeing any way to get a reference to a blueprint class from another mod. Does anyone know if this is possible and if so how to get these references?

I can’t seem to find a way at all, I can reference my own mods which are inside the editor as so: 0fff19bd7c7248706d19afaf7b0afdabd4be83d9.jpeg

But I simply want to put in this: /Game/Mods/Advance_Generators/ADV_Electric_Smoker/PrimalItemStructure_Electric_Smoker.PrimalItemStructure_Electric_Smoker - E.g. enter the string of text, compile and save. Then when uploaded onto my server with both mods on, I presume there would be no issue.

Alas I cannot manually reference another mod which does not belong to me. Anyway around this at all?