Question on how to go about splitting my character into different meshes and animating them

I am a beginner to UE4 and modeling in general. I created a simple low poly character and was able to successfuly create and use basic walking and idle animations inside UE4. Now, I am wondering how I should go about creating different animations for each different item/weapon/action that my character does. Especially turning animations. I checked out the free AnimationStartPack on the marketplace and it seems to have seperate full body animations for each different weapon, which honestly seems kind of inefficient. Is this standard? I would think that the upper body/lower body meshes would be seperate and that instead of recreating full body animations, you can somehow mount the upper body (which would have all the seperate animations for holding/using items/weapons) onto the lower body (which would have walking/running/turning animations) in the engine. Or maybe just the arms onto the rest of the body. Is this right? Or not? If it is, how should I go about it? If this is incorrect, I suppose I should create full body animations for each different item/weapon? Or is there some other, better way? Thanks. Sorry if I am not making a lot of sense.

Here is the link to my character:

Ignore the Walk_Blocking animation

Big thanks to whoever helps me!

It seems that the “Layered blend per bone” node in my character’s AnimGraph seems be exactly what I need. I can select the exact bones I want to blend with an existing animation. Playing around with it has yielded pleasant results.

It seems that the “Layered blend per bone” node in my characters AnimGraph is exactly what I am looking for. I can specify what bones of one animation I want to merge with another. So I can take the arm bones of an animation in which my character is holding an object and merge it with a simple walking animation, instead of creating a seperate whole walking animation with my character holding the object.