Question on how to create info box pop up

Hey all. I just recently bought UE4 and after a while of messing around and learning what I could from online tutorials I’ve started working on creating small personal projects where I can enhance my own skills. I’m totally new to UE4 and it is the first time that I’ve posted to this forum so if this is posted in a wrong place, please feel free to move this thread.

Getting to the topic, I have 2 questions.

Firstly, I have created a small starter tutorial area right now where my character can run about and learn how to play the game. I have all inputs, camera and everything configured, however I want to add a pop-up info box thing that tells you how to do stuff, for example “Use WSAD to move” or “Use space bar to jump” kind of a thing. I have a very simple logic right now, where I have a box and textRender components, and when the character collides with the box, the text is supposed to show up. However the opposite happens when I hit play. The text shows up and when my character hits the box, the text disappears and when I leave the box again the text appears. I have attached a picture of my blueprint along with pictures of the issue I’m facing.





Secondly, once I learn the correct logic and get done with a “place holder” block out-esque design of my tutorial level, I would want to start adding meshes, my own chars etc and making everything fancy and would want to change the info box pop-up instead of plain text to be a bit more fancier. This video would be an exact reference as to how I want the info box to be: Any guidelines/tutorials on how I could do that?

Sorry if these are noob questions, but I hope you guys can guide me in the right direction!


About visibility : Your text is visible on begin play, that’s why toggle is inverted. Use a set hidden in game instead of visiblity to show / hide it (you’ll can see your text in editor) or uncheck visibility box. (in component tab : details / rendering)

Edit : About info boxes : Download BlueprintOffice project and check the info boxes, those are the ones you need. (BP_Commentary_Box in blueprints folder)

Worked like a charm! Cheers Fen!

Happy that helped ^^ About boxes : To have it following character position but not on 3 axes :

Worked perfect! Thanks a lot Fen. This box is too tiny, because I’m using a top-down-ish 3rd person camera view. Any idea how I can scale the entire thing as a whole? Tried messing with all parameters but I can only individually scale the text or individually scale the borders. Not the entire thing in size. Help please? :frowning:

Where can I find the BlueprintOffice project? Checked marketplace, can not find it there.

You can find it in the learn tab of the launcher. It is now named “blueprints” in engine feature samples section.

Ah, thanks, I new I saw that stuff somewhere. Much appreciated.