Question on Character Selection

Has anyone been able to make a character selection screen yet from blueprints? if so could someone please make a tutorial on how to do it i can’t seem to find anything on the subject

There’s a couple of tutorials on Youtube. I haven’t watched them, so I can’t testify as to their quality.

I’ll look into it a bit, but it shouldn’t be too hard.

All you would need is set up a UMG widget with 3 buttons, when the player clicks button 1 they possess Actor 1, button 2…Actor 2, etc.

That’s the simplified way at least.

I’ll have some time soon enough so I’ll try and make a system for you.

~ Jason

that would be awesome if you could it’s for a 2D game me and my friend are trying to make

Yeah. When I get home this afternoon I’ll check it out for you.

~ Jason

if you are able to look into it would you mind sending me a message?

I’ll be sure to PM you.

I should be finished with it by tomorrow.

~ Jason