Question on adding new items

I’m not sure how this works so i need some clarification. I created some new items and engrams in devkit ver 206.2, add them to my mods Primalgamedata master item list and additional engrams list, then they go and patch the game to 209 and add new items, do i then have to wait for the devkit to catch up and re-add my items to the end of the 209 list ? I thought because i added new items and its a mod not a TC that they should be added in. With a mod do i need to reparent my primalgamedata to Base_Primalgamedata or is that just for TC’s ? So confused, would be greatly appreciated if someone could clear this up for me, thanks.

I’ve only made one mod so far, but I’ve learnt a lot quickly and I am already working on three more but from what I’ve discovered, and I believe what the Dev’s themselves have said, it’s preferred not to mess with the Master Item list. I do not know the reason so don’t take my word for law in this matter, but I feel like a reason could be being that they add items to the List like we do, there would most likely be a conflict of some nature when two items share the same ID according to the game. If this conflict would occur only when you attempt to spawn the item via command or if it happens at some point during runtime, I’ve no idea. Another likely scenario is that the ItemID’s for the new content will be overwritten and just won’t be able to be spawned and instead your item will be spawn in it’s place. But then you also need to take into consideration that others may be using the masterlist in their mods as well… it all becomes a clusterf*** thinking about it now hahaha.

Also, I feel that you don’t really need to add things to that list, unless you’re testing in the ADK and want to spawn things instantly for minor changes and tweak checking.

When an update is released, I feel it only prudent to go through and replace the PGD_BP with the one in the updated Dev Kit, naturally making the changes again to the new one. I wouldn’t know about reparenting, I’ve not yet had to deal with that nor have I really looked into it.

Realistically, it’s entirely up to you… you can test any conflicts yourself and find out for certain if you want by uploading your mod(I’ve not fully worked with the upload system so I don’t know if you can just change the name of the Mod when uploading to create a separate one, I’ve always just made a copy of the mod for client testing and compatibility with other mods) and setting it to friends only(I think hidden doesn’t allow downloading even for yourself - though I may be wrong there) and testing with spawning your ItemID for your custom item and see if it causes issues.

I don’t expect we’ll be getting an updated DevKit for probably at least another week as they’ve released like two updates since 206.3 and they’re releasing another one this week or something. So they’ll likely make us wait until the next update break before they update the DevKit for us.


Hi Kieron,

As Woeful stated there is no need to add items to the master item list other than for spawning it in for testing in the ADK. The reasoning behind avoiding using the master item list is due to the fact (again as Woe stated) that they add all the new items in there for the official game, and conflicts of ID’s could be very problematic.

As long as the item is referenced somewhere in the primalgamedata then it will cook it out. I’d suggest sticking to using the additional items/engrams array as those avoid conflicts, and are stackable mod friendly.

If you wanted any new items in your mod that were released in the main game, you would need to wait for that to be released in the ADK updates/content, then either re-parent the primalgamedata (idk if this works, I usually just manually diff), or just manually diff the changes (only takes a few minutes honestly).

There might be a more efficient approach to this that someone else might shed some light on, but from my experience that is how I have handled it in the past.

Keep in mind with certain changes with modding, you may have to update more than just the primalgamedata, although in my experience this is not common.

Thanks for the replys, it’s really helped my understanding of how the mods work