[Question] Migrate Project To Third Person

I created a porject on the First Person Template, and after designing a lot of stuff, Now have been told that in order to properly add a third person camera to my actor, i need to do it in a third person project (That way i can use the camera boom). What i’m wondering, is if there’s a way to migrate from my current First Person Project to a Third Person Project without effecting any of my work…

Wouldn’t it be easier to override CalcCamera in your character, or create new PlayerCamera class ? I don’t see any reason to use the third person camera setup that is presented with TPP project template. In fact I personally found it infuriating, I got rid of it asap, replacing it with my own code.

Maybe you can help me out then, being that you have experience on the topic. I’ve posted another question here (It’s the whole reason I was needing to migrate the project in the first place): https://rocket.unrealengine.com/questions/15405/rotate-camera-around-object-using-blueprin.html