[question] middleware

This has mostly already been answered a lot

What middleware game software is built into Unreal, and what middleware software can you buy to be integrated into the Unreal engine?

Some middleware integration i can think of:



Yeah, I saw Enlighten in the list. I was reading a forum on Unreal on if Enlighten was any better then what comes originally with Unreal or not

And I’m not sure what FaceFX is

Don’t forget Nvidia Gameworks. Lots of good stuff there.

Are those already built in? Are they free to use if they’re not built in?

Yup, it’s free, but of course under their licensing conditions and you have to give credit to Nvidia appropriately, etc. Check out the “Galaxyman” builds here:

thanks for answering (and I looked up the Nvidia gameworks page) it’s strange that they offer some odds and ends things, but not everything…got to make money somehow, I guess. I’d be curious if the Nvidia stuff has been optimized by someone in the UR4 community ot make it work on Nvidia and AMD cards


I still don’t know what that is. I googles it, and makeup products came up

(edit) ah, never mind, I added the game engine in the search and it finally came up. It’s a facial animation plug-in