Question, Making a character backstep instead of turning around? (Fighting Game)


So I’m fiddling with the sidescroller example, and my attempt is to reproduce some fighting game functionality. I’ve spent most of my time just trying to understand the animation systems, but essentiall my first problem is:

How can I use a negative direction value on the controller joystick to move the character backwards WITHOUT rotating him in that direction?

I think the way the example does it uses velocity or something to spin the character around, but I’m not sure exactly.

It looks like this node:


Is a custom one? I don’t know how it’s getting information or what that information is really.


This is pretty much the desired result. I already created a simple blendspace that goes between negative and positive values for stepback, idle, stepforward animation sequences.

Since this is one simple thing, it should be totally easy to implement in the state machine.

Any help would be super appreciated!

You can’t !
You need to create a back walk animation and blend that with your other anims. :cool:

There is an option in the Character Movement Component called something like ‘orient to movement direction’ (sorry I don’t have the source in front of me). Turning that off should do what you want!

Thanks JamesG!

I was pulling my hair out over this, thank you!!!