[question] Local currence conversion prices

hello, first i loved the “convertion local currence prices in the asset market but i also noticed something really weird, the converted price is not “fixed” like the “dollar price” they keep changing (probably based on dolar value), this is right??? because it’s make the conversion only good to reduce the “taxes” convertion values” but it keep making things goes pretty expensive if the dolar is too high without count the fact which in the “game” store this not happen the converted price of the games is fixed while the assets not?? this is right or something you are testing??? any chances the prices will be fixed at some point or it will be changing???, would love to see a answers toward that.

The prices are set at a fixed rate in USD. If you are located in another country, we’ll calculate currency conversion and any applicable taxes at checkout. As you know, exchange rates fluctuate frequently, and we update this pricing data at a regular interval to ensure we are charging the correct amount.

hmmm thanks for the answer, well the problem is which that “update can make the prices” scale a bit too much in "high priced products, like a 100 $ US product can go from 3700 Real to up 400 or 410+ Real, which can be a bit too much if the price can’t be "fixed like it is on steam, even they "non-game products like marvelous design or substance paint and others the price don’t fluctuate based on the exchange rates, they are the same aways whle sometimes "the price fluctuating like that can make some things less “expansive” when the exchange is low, it can make it much more expansive when it’s high and in a country like Brazil where the “Dollar” exchange rates most of the times “are high” due to many facts it make that sort of transation don’t look good because if each month i have the same product getting “different prices” due to the exchange rates make complicated because now it’s means which if i really want a good deal/sales then i must not only wait for the “sale” but also for when the exchange is not “high” otherwise that “sales” could not look good as they where supposed to be due to the exchange rate.

Would be really good if your team could follow the steam in keep the prices fixed and only change when we have a really huge exchange impact in the market which can make everything goes high not that current way your are using which again can make complicated some “sales” due to the exchange rates if they can’t be fixed in a value like it’s done in steam market, they really don’t go rising prices every month just because of the “exchanges rates”, they prices are aways stable in the local currence.

For exemple again following the “steam market” marvelous design on steam in BR cost 1.100,00 BR(local currence) that price don’t go 1200 or 900 or 1300 in the next week or month it’s the same price for like “years” the same goes for the others products, they only update a product price only in case when the current price is “too low or too high” not on each time the exchange fluctuate it’s a lot unfair with the customer that “exchange” for exemple this product:

in our country currence, in less than one month since the local currence conversion come it goes from R$1.511,97 to R$ 1.584,02, basically a increase of R$72,00 in it’s price, it make the "local currence conversion almost pointless, the only good side is which the I.O.F taxes is being payed in R$ not in U$ which make it much less expensive but again still bad because again in steam you don’t pay that taxes, the price of the products is exactly what you gonna pay without any “extra” and that price don’t go up or down is stable, i would prefer a stable price than one fluctuating specially in my country where that "fluctuation is most of the times “up” than down.

As a critic/feedback epic must decide in a fixed exchange vallue like 3,80, or 3,70 or 4,00 and keep using that “forever”(until a really big market exchange need) rater than have it happening almost every day, it is making that “local currence ALMOST POINTLESS”, because i’m still paying almost the same as i would be paying if was using the U$ making almost pointless this “local currence exchange”.

The currency conversion makes an issue to pay with international credit cards in Brazil.
The laws over here do not permit pay online international shopping in brasillian currency. Must be on native currency.
I’m trying to buy with no success.