Question Layered Blend Per Bone

Hi I have an animated character that has hands that are animated separately , this way i can change hand poses on the fly.
i’m currently supplying two animations one for the body and a second for the hand which blend using a “Layered Blend per bone” node , this allows the body to use one animation with the hands using a second, my question is in regard to the hand animation, this animation has a complete skeletal hierarchy spine arms legs etc ,. this seems a waste since the only part that is being used from it is the hand. is there a way of just making a file containing the hand animation or is the entire hire achy required during blending???

Thks For any ideas on the topic.

youre not using the entire animation, just the hands when youre doing the blend and the animation files are not very big at all, it doesnt really seem like you’d gain much for the effort to be honest
but i would imagine if you just had a hand you animated, targeted the necessary bones properly, it should work… that has me wondering though… in the part of your script handling the action of firing the gun, would it be possible to script a rotation of the index finger bone when firing and not even need a new animation at all?.. realistically youre just rotating 1-2 bones

so i did some looking around and it would seem that when youre in your animation blueprint setting up the animation, instead of using an actual animation you could configure a “apply a percentage of rotation” node under skeletal controls and that should bend your index finger when firing

Thanks for the answer . ill be animating the entire hand into several animations. i did use the method you mentioned above for the head however by rotating single bone.

Over the next couple of weeks ill be working on that hands and an interaction system. so im sure ill figure out some system and post back here.

Thks Again.