Question/issue for devs regarding cooking 200.5

Ever since i upgraded from 200.5 the map i cook seems to be unplayable, The size of the map has dropped 5 times and its full of zip files (Not sure if this is intentional or just a means to reduce mod/map sizes from now on, I am however not able to play any maps i cook and upload, Ark starts loading the map then crashes before it can fully load the map. The same happens to my original map cooked with 193, which worked fine before the client updated to v200+

Is this a problem on my end or is it a issue with ark it self or the ADK? any information regarding this would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Alright, so I inquired about this, and everyone needs more info. The .zip’s are normal from what I was explained. Don’t worry about those. The game handles extracting that. From what I was told, you have to be subscribed to a mod now for the game to be able to launch the mod AT ALL, so if you are trying to do it without actually publishing it to the workshop, that would be why you are experiencing issues.

Dont get me wrong through i am all for the smaller map size :slight_smile: not so much for the non working bit :stuck_out_tongue:

I edited my OP, recheck xD

Also, check Steam

how do i even get 200 >.<

If the Epic Games Launcher doesn’t automatically grab the update, then verify the install (it will then catch the update) :slight_smile:

Closing thread since OP’s problem has been resolved! PS: The issue was with his copy of Ark actually, something was corrupted or glitching out for him causing a crash on load of his map.