[QUESTION] Is there a way to to collaborative level edition in Unreal?

I am looking for software, plugins, anything that could allow a group of people to use Unreal editor in a collaborative way, a kind of Google Docs but for Unreal, so when a user moves an object inside a level map all conected users to the same map see the changes on the fly.

Anybody knows about a software or plugin that allows this?


GitHub or if you want ti private bitbucket.

Git doesn’t let you see changes on the fly, and OP wants changes visible on the fly.

Then yea google doc but merging can bring a lot of problems

Well overall Internet based projects is still a weak area as to implementing best practice that would be easy to solve on the local level that requires a custom solution and procedures to keep things nice a tidy. There are issues to deal with as part of the total package like source control, backups,asset storage, that is easy to maintain on the local level that would be at the least required as part of the project build.

Let say I make a tree and include it in my local environment and I commit the environment but do not also commit the asset it not show up on the mirrored updates.

The real issue to collaborative project management is the need for a single point server and storage space, lots and lots of storage space, and our experiences using drop boxes and cloud servers has been less than desirable as to security issues as well as to best practice as to our stuff is our stuff.

Our solution was to add our project files as part of our CMS system on our web host using SVN as our single point solution and each member of the team updates and commits and source control is managed by the ability for SVN to be able to revert between version.

The next problem to solve was the tendency of UE4 “locking” unnecessary files and assets when accessing source control from directly with in UE4 based on the ideals of local development that does not work at all over the Internet so commits and updates are handled directly from the SVN local client(We use Tortoise. Tortoise does not lock files so project ownership as to who owns or working on what needs to be manually tracked.

A bit wordy but the first step to collaborative project management over the Internet is having a place for your stuff and the ability to revert if and when things goes south, and they usually do.

That said the big thing is to get as many people working on the same project at the same time, environment, with out stepping on each others work in progress and our solution is to use level streaming and ownership of the individual is limited to changes made with in that level “only” This way control is limited to updating “that” level" and not the entire project file. Wen the level is committed each person on the team see the changes when they update.

Sorry if it does not sound as push button as needed but there really is no single solution, I’ve looked and keep looking, once the Internet becomes involved with the need for both code and content to share the same management pathway of available solutions that works best on a LAN setup. The must have though “always” is to build in the ability to revert your “it matters” project even if you set up a local SVN (aka source control).

Hello! I am currently working with a team to raise interest in this exact plugin! If you want to follow our updates, look here: - YouTube!