Question: Is there a way to read, or expose, what snap point a structure/item has snapped to?

Basically the title. I’m trying to find a way to applying conditional transformation to meshes but a condition I want to use(the snap point that was used to snap the structure/item - either on the snapped to or snapped from(I can work with either)) eludes me.

Any information would be much appreciated.


From what I was told by another moderator, essentially you would need to run a check on the size & scale of the object you are snapping it to, then resize the object appropriately

Thanks, how would I go about doing this?

I don’t fully understand graphs yet, but how would I, using your method, scale a wall diagonally?


Ok, so I’ve learnt a little more, but still have a few more pieces to assemble before this mod will work the way I intend it to. I’ve linked some screens of the current EventGraphs for my foundation and wall that I’m modding so that when the wall has rotated(during snapping but before placement - the preview part of placement) to a certain rotation offset (there will be four, one for front and back orientations of each diagonal snap) it will scale the mesh/actor either to a set scale or by additive means when placed.

Current foundation graph:

Current wall graph:

  1. Getting the actor location/transforms and then using inverse transform was the only way I found through searching to determine the position of the wall relative to the foundation. When compared to the foundation(somehow) they both provide their locations in the world and then a new location is somehow determined, if it’s accurate or correct I don’t know, I’ve not gotten far with testing yet. Nor do I know if this is even a good way of going about what I want to do. The PrintScripts are there to let me know that the locations are at the very least being grabbed, and when the wall is actually placed, a new location is displayed(the result of the new determined location)…

  2. I am quite certain that using Event Begin Play will not work long term in the mod as I will require the location of the foundation currently being snapped to, so a view or mouse event of some kind would be needed or some other means of calling an event/function to return the location of the foundation I want and not the most recently placed(as what I believe would happen if using begin play event and just updating the variable with the new location each time).

  3. I’ve still yet to expose the snap point array for the foundation so the wall can read it and compare certain points to determine whether or not to scale the mesh(this is where the rotation offset would be used to decide… again, somehow).

Any thoughts, ideas, opinions would be appreciated.