Question: Is it possible to create an asset dump to be used for any project?

Maybe this question has been answered before, and I tried to find an answer but to no avail, so I hope somebody knows the answer to this: Is it possible to save all of my assets (models, sounds, particles, ect.) in a single folder (or location) on my computer that I can then reference to in any of my projects? I’m very new to UE4, and currently it seems like the only way to get assets into a project is by dragging and dropping. The problem with that, however, is that I can’t preview what I’m dragging/dropping besides the task of dragging and dropping the assets into every single project, and it seems like it would be a lot easier if there was a way I could open a preview window where I could preview the assets before pulling them into my project so that I don’t end up pulling in a bunch of assets I don’t necessarily want to use.

I’ll do my best to clarify if that was confusing, and maybe I’m missing something important, but if anyone’s got an answer, please help!

I don’t think that’s possible at the moment. The closest you can get to that is adding your assets to the engine’s starter content which some people tend to do.

I created Sub-projects within my Primary Project and Sub-projects Folders within my primary Content Folder.
Effectively allows me to share assets between them if needed.

Yes but how? you see i am in the process of developing a mmotps, a mass multiplayer online third person, shooter, which means i need to be able to do patch updates.

All the content is within the main folder, so you can organize it into sub folders as you see fit. But your initial question doesn’t mention anything about patching:mad:.

No worries. There is DLC in version 4.7.


Downloadable content (DLC) can now be packaged up for distribution!

Currently this feature is in beta testing and requires a command-line tool. Create your add-on DLC inside a game plugin Content folder, and use the new packaging tool to “cook” and optimize your content for your platform of choice.

This feature makes use of the game’s asset registry to know what content is already supplied in the shipped game, and will cook anything needed from the game’s content into the DLC.

To use this feature, run the cook utility for your main game with “-CreateReleaseVersion=x.y”, then again for each DLC plugin with “-BasedOnReleaseVersion=x.y -DLCName=MyPluginName”.

Lol, that was falconsoft who was asking about patching, not me :wink: Regardless, you did answer my question, so thank you :slight_smile: Yeah, the Source Engine has a preview window which is what I was hoping UE4 had, but it’s not a huge deal (although I am curious to see how Source 2 will compare to UE4).