Question in topic "use controller desired rotation"

this is a follow up to my other question: Set actor rotation is laggy when replicate movement is activated - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums

If true, smoothly rotate the Character toward the Controller’s desired rotation (typically Controller->ControlRotation), using RotationRate as the rate of rotation change. Overridden by OrientRotationToMovement. Normally you will want to make sure that other settings are cleared, such as bUseControllerRotationYaw on the Character.

this is what the documentation has to say about it.
now, “typically controller->ControlRotation”. what does this mean? why is it typically, are there any ways of changing the desired rotation? i’m asking because i’d like to rotate my character without changing control rotation. because it’s a first person game and control rotation already controls the camera. if you watched the video on my other question then you know that i’m having trouble rotating my character on networked games.

Getting different result using Set Actor Rotation between remote and authority - Character & Animation - Epic Developer Community Forums this is also a thing.