[Question] i7 6850k or 6700k for UE4 + VR

SO I’m in the process of upgrading my current pc to a much better pc. Still cant decide on the processor.

So this is what I currently hold when it comes to GPU,CPU,SSD,RAM

Current: i7 4790k stock speed of 4.0 , Gtx 1070 stock speed , regular 2x pny 240 ssd , and 16GB 2400 XMP

My whole idea is increase my pcie lanes and go with something like pcie ssd while still having a 1070 or maybe 2 in the future not sure.
I also would like eventually increasing my ram speed to maybe higher than 2400.
I do tend to do a lot of VR with my oculus rift

All while just playing games , and making games/environments for regular pc/consoles and vr.

What you guys think I should go with ? Can the 6850k be worth it or just stick with 6700k? I was thinking maybe use more ram to convert to storage and put ue4 on it… Not sure , I need help lol