QUESTION: how to wrap a 3d scene

You know how if you go off the screen to the right in asteroids or pacman, you show up on the left side of the screen? I think that is called a wrap, but I’m not sure if everyone calls it the same thing.
I’d like to be able to do that in unreal from a 3rd person or first on perspective.

Ideally I’d like to be able to make it come across seamlessly as well.

And ultimately be able to wrap on all six sides like it was a cube.

Anyone know if there are any options like this or how one would go about achieving it?


if(PawnPosition + radius > edgePosition) { teleport ship to other side};

You could also have trigger boxes that teleport you to the other side.
You could make your scene inside a trigger box and when the pawn exits port it to the other side.

The teleporters sound like a good idea.
I’m wondering how you could do it so you can see from the character’s perspective seamlessly.
Suppose the only way to do that may be to make a globe.
It would have to be massive to not feel round though.

Someone posted a high quality Portal-like teleport demo on here recently (past month or two).
Look for that, as it shows a slick pre/post teleporting perspective which will offer ideas maybe…


I’ll do a search.