[QUESTION] How to Set Up For Best Performance

Hello everyone. I have a question. What equipment do I need to set up the performance for C++ Coding on Unreal? I usually use Blueprints because my computer compiles at a slow rate when coding. It’s weird though because it is a high performance laptop that can run all the current games for PC. I think it is SSD related because both my Visual Studio and Unreal Engine are in my HDD and my SDD is almost full. I kinda skimped on the SDD because they can be crazy expensive. I’m thinking of getting a larger SDD upgrade by Christmas. I have high ram (16 GB), an i7-8750H 2.20GHz processor and a GTX 1060 graphics card. I’m also thinking of more ram and a better graphics card to prepare for UE5.

So, what do yall think? Why are my C++ games taking so long compile? Any suggestions on what I should do or am I going in the right direction?

Long is relative. Without any numbers no one can help you here.

Unreal is big and including CoreMinimal.h already means including lots of stuff. That you might not need, but its a convinience thing, as including every single file you need takes a lot of time as well.

Also for sure it depends on how much code you have and where you make changes (changes in header files can create a long compile chain depending on how many other files use it). Makeing a change in CoreMinimal.h, you basically need to recompile the entire engine including your game.

Look into unity (not Unity engine) building. If you have big unity files, small changes take longer to compile.

Open your performance monitor and see the numbers.

Graphics Card is not relevant for compiling.

I’m still learning how to use the engine, but I was following along on a tutorial on udemy made by They had a simple game where you guess a word. Since the upgrade they added a few graphics to the game, but it still isn’t like this huge game. It took at least 15-20 minutes. I am basically just coding fstrings so far and making conditionals, not even anything really heavy yet.