[Question] How to move a car from A to B

It is really great to achieve a driven car in real time (which is fully controlled by the user) :slight_smile: … which can be done by Epic help in Vehicles User Guide

But after searching in the forums & AnswerHub, I couldn’t find a procedure (tutorial) about how to move a car (vehicle) with rolling wheels along a path (straight or curved)…
or at least a move between 2 points… (without any control by the user during play mode)

Hope someone post an advice how to achieve that :slight_smile:
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Well… more than 30 views without any comment…!!
May be I’m posting in a wrong place…!!
Anyway; I’ve to be patient for another day… then I’ll give up :frowning:

look at this

Thanks for your time & help :slight_smile:

Well; at that thread I found a project named (Car A.I.)… which I have to study deeply, but I have no time now… and may be it has no relation with my needs… who knows…!!?
Anyway; when I post my thread I thought I’ll find many people had made tutorials about such case… !! but unfortunately; I found ZERO tutorials :mad:
So; … I give up, at least for now :frowning:

My last decision is to do it in 3ds Max… and export it to UE4… hope to succeed with it…:slight_smile:

cadviz - are you trying to do this like for an intro cinematic? or is the player supposed to be a passenger in a car that goes specific places? If so, just plot out the necessary points on your map and manually move the object, lerping between the points.

I am so glad for your trying to support…:slight_smile:

Yes; I’m trying to do this for an intro cinematic, as you said
In fact; I’m working on creating a video for an Archviz project (used in Architectural Presentation)

I thought there would be similar workflow as in 3ds Max where you can create a dummy path and then animate the car along it without using BluePrints…
which I know nothing about how to use…

Instead; I was thinking about using Matinee to move the Car body, while the UE4 Vehicle system should take care about rolling the wheels and rotating the front ones…
That’s why I was looking & asking for a tutorial.

Thanks again &
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I’ve not done anything to make a cutscene in UE4 yet, so I’m not familiar with Matinee at all, but I’m sure you can do what you’re trying to.

Hopefully someone will come along soon that is more familiar with it, my suggestion (from what I’ve personally done in UE) relies on blueprints, but might not give you the result you want if you’re trying to do it for a cinematic type shot. I think that your original question might’ve made it a little confusing (until your follow up responses, I thought you meant that you wanted to a player to be running around the map with a car somewhere else driving around on its own, which I think is why people may be suggesting AI to you.)

You may try posting this in the Animation subforum (you posted this in the Blueprints subforum but said you don’t want to use Blueprints.), with it phrased a little bit clearer (like you did following up here with me.)

Sorry I can’t be of more help to you, best of luck!

Many thanks for your time and advice…:slight_smile: Have a nice day

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For an intro cinematic, you can use matinee :

Thanks for reply…:slight_smile:
I have no problem with using Matinee to move an actor for a cutscene or intro cinematic

My problem is; how to take the benefit from the UE4 vehicle system which should take care about rolling the wheels and rotating the front ones, during car movement (forward & backword) would help you. Keep time to read the matinee documentation to have more infos.

I made a few examples of moving a car forward while using the default vehicle system, the project link is here

What you need to do is create a variable for throttle in your vehicle BP, and expose it to Matinee(a tick box in the variables details) Plug that variable to Set Throttle Input node, and execute Set Throttle Input with Event Tick. Now place that vehicle into your map, call it in Matinee and you’ll see that throttle variable when you use a Float Property Track. You can do the same thing for steering as well and control the vehicle’s speed and direction according to your cinematic sequence.
Needless to say this is only useful for simple cinematic stuff. It would be better to use actual vehicle AI for a car chase or racing sequence, etc.

cadviz, I have a arch-viz type project…very stylized. Anyway, I animated all 75 of my vehicles in Max (path constraints) and just exported them all. They imported into UE4 just fine and all I had to do was drop the animation sequences into the UE4 scene. Works like a champ.

Thanks for trying to help :)… I’ll check it as soon as finishing downloading your project.

Thanks for your detailed instructions…
Unfortunately; I’m newbie with Blueprints; but I’ll try to do my best…:slight_smile:

Wow; that is great… but; you have that nice project… while I don’t; LOL :smiley:
About 3dsMax (path constraints), is there any chance to lead to a start point (as a headache relief)…?; instead of starting from scratch :slight_smile:

I want to do the same, did you finally get a solution for this?