Question: How to make upper body face the direction you are looking at

What I want to achieve is the character skel to play an animation on the direction the camera is looking at (on a first person game). This animation is to swing a sword, just like in this video:

To achieve this, I´m using a true first person view (FP camera sees the same body than in 3rd person), so what I need is somthink like the character spine to tweak a bit to make the body face the camera angle.
I know about animation blend, like explained here: but I think that is not what I´m looking for.

So the question is, how can I achieve that?
(Sorry, maybe this is already asked, but I dont know how to search for this also)

Thank you guys.

Hi Nesjett,

have you tried the anim bone node ‘Look At’ ? It requires the anim pose to be in component space. I’m using it to rotate the upper body and the head to where the player is looking at.

My look at location is just CameraWorldLocation + (CameraForwardVector * 1000).

Maybe it helps.

Thats just what I was looking for, thanks!