Question: How to make DM do damage?

Hi all

Is there is a way to have particles from a DM do damage?


May I ask what is DM?

I assume he means destructible mesh.

The chunks do have collision, maybe you could check the actor on a colliding/overlap event in your other actor then apply damage? Maybe try to find out the impact force apply damage based on that.

Hmm… Sounds a little bit performance heavy to check for all of those, but I’ve never used DM’s before… And Narghile, could I turn an instanced static mesh into a DM?

You can’t “turn” an instance into a DM, but you can destroy the instance and spawn the same mesh as a DM with the instance transform. Then it looks as if the instance would got converted to a DM.

Having “particles” (chunks) from a DM do damage should be possible with enabling “impact damage” on the DM, but I have not been able to made it work properly.