[ Question ] How To Make a Realistic indoor Lighting [No Windows]

I’ve been working on a scene for a while and I did some tests and this is what I’ve got


And here’s my world settings


I’m Seeking to get something like that or better if possible


What lighting setup do you use?


Did you try static lighting?

It doesn’t make any difference

I think the main problem is material settings. You need to change or add roughness, specular or normal map and material settings. Also the lightmass settings need to be change…

I’ll try to change the material settings
and what do you recommend for lightmass settings ?

Post prosess volume?

I already made one

Exposure? Can you show the post prosess settings? I think your lights is to bright an maybe exposure to low


You could try to set Your min brightnes closer to 0 and Your max 0.5 if the ceiling isnt to Bright. You hav to turn Down the intensety on Your lights if its going to have an effect without loosing contrast. DArk materials is diffucult blended whites.

You might aslo try turning off you exposure bias if you loose contrast