[Question] How to have uniform UV scaling on all parts of the model.


I am working on an architectural visualization in Maya 2016 and later Unreal Engine 4. I was wondering if anybody can tell me how I can achieve nice uniform UV scaling across all models since I will use tileable textures and everything needs to be uniform. I found the plugin UVAutoRatio but it seems that this is not working in Maya 2016.


If I select multiple objects and use the Layout option with uniform scaling everything gets uniformed. But now I need to scale the UVs up onto multiple UV tiles to get a decent resolution. Can I do that for UE4 or is only zero to one space allowed?


You don’t need to fit within the 0 to 1 space in UE4 for your textures (you DO need to for your lightmaps).

There is a modifier in 3ds max called ‘Map Scaler’ as well, for anyone having this problem in 3ds.

We use a plugin called NinjaUV that has a tool to resize everything based on how many “pixels” you want in one foot.
You can also do it by hand by agreeing on a standard. Example: a 4x4 foot plane that fills up the 0-1 space represents exactly 4 feet of texture.

So you make a 4x4 plane in every scene and use any grid material to visually compare your models to it.

You could also move and sew seams on the main wall so it all becomes one big shell!