[Question] How to get Socket Location from InstancedStaticMeshComponent

With the below setup i can get Socket Location and assign anything properly:

But how can i get Socket Location from InstancedStaticMeshComponent? Below setup doesnt work because all SpotLights are placed at the origin. If i connect the Socket Transform with Relative Transform of InstancedStaticMeshComponent then the lights are properly placed but the location of mesh is far far away.

Hey Satheesh,

Thanks for your report! As this is related to another thread using InstancedStaticMeshComponents, most of my information from that thread will be relevant here as well, here’s the link for it for anyone catching up on these threads: https://rocket.unrealengine.com/questions/12074/question-detecting-collision-in-constructionscript.html

Again, we have a feature request in to expand the functionality of InstancedStaticMeshComponents and, in the meantime, I would stick with your original setup from the first screenshot as that has the functionality available that you are looking for.



Link is invalid