[Question] How to change the speed and power of my car like GTA? (settings for a Racing car)

Hi, I tried to get the correct speed and drift for my racing car but I can not get it (like a GTA Game) i get the Driving of a Truck.

How i can configure the properties of my vehicle like the driving of GTA V/ IV or as similar as possible to a Racing Car.

the Buggy demo is very slow when starting the car, I can not drive in a city and take small drifts and curves

GTA have sweet drifts ,a great Speed and aceleration on his cars. I would love bring this to my game

Example of driving to which I refer (GTA V Gameplay)

Thanks! :smiley:

Everything you might possibly need to know can be found here:

link is outdated … here is the new one: Vehicles — NVIDIA PhysX SDK 3.4.0 Documentation