[Question]:How to change Animation BP association?

Shame on me, but I can’t find a way how to change an Animation BP association with a skeleton.

For example I have a male and female characters, they are using skeleton that has different height, they have their own animation which are otherwise same. I made an ABP for the male character, moved a copy to the folder with female character, but can’t find a way how to tell the female skeleton to use this ABP.

Hi Tomas,

This is not currently an available option in Beta 6, however in our current internal build we have already included the option to retarget an AnimBP to another (similar) Skeleton. Specifically it makes a copy of the AnimBP which is associated to the new Skeleton.

I expect this feature to be included in the next beta release.


I think you need to

  • right click, create new animBP, select female skeleton

  • re-parent this new animBP if you are using a custom anim instance class

  • copy-paste the contents of the ABP from male to the new femal animBP



Thanks, but I was asking if it’s possible to change the Anim BP (existing one) association with the skeleton.

I know what you asked, but I dont think that can be done right now


It’s a great feature request

but honestly

copy-paste is so good, it’s really not a big hassle to just select all and copy paste

if it is let me/everyone know :slight_smile:


It is. At least would be in a public version.
If this can’t currently be done, then really it’s something for a feature request.

why is it a hassle?

I am curious, and I am asking more so Epic can read it, cause it is useful feedback

Are you sure it can’t be done? If so, I would create a feature request with also a few more enhancements.

I’d say make the feature request :slight_smile:

Make sure it’s clear you want to change USkeleton* for an existing anim BP.


I ran into this exact problem today…is there any update on this solution and when it might hit a public build?


In my situation not having this functionality was pretty terrible. After spending two weeks implementing animations i realized 1 bone has a bad name. I needed to change it. The result?

Having to reimport my skeletan which could not because of the bone name change. I now have to reexport all animations, the rig, the skeletan, and now reimplment everything…

In case someone stumbles on this and is still looking for answers…
If you hover over the animBP part of the Details>Skeletal Mesh part of the blueprint you’ll see some info on this.

I believe this is how to do it?