Question: How do I paint onto terrain with a new material?

I created a terrain and applied a grass material onto it from the content browser. How do I now paint on top of that with a rock texture? Control clicking does not seem to do anything. I remember it was really easy to do in UDK3…


You have to setup the materials in layers. See this guide

Can I just modify the already made grass material to do that? Or do I need to make my own?

Okay, looks like it is a little more complicated to setup than I had thought. If you look at the content examples, there is a Landscape map that shows how to do it. What you have to do is create a material with a “Landscape Layer Blend” node. On that node, you add a layer for each texture you want to blend on the terrain. So in your case, the first layer would be the grass texture, and the second layer would be the rock texture. You connect those textures into the Layer Blend node, which then connects to the main material node. You apply this material to the terrain, which then allows you to select which layer you want to paint. Here is what it looks like from the example:


You can see each layer for the Layer Blend node in the details pane to the left.

Or set up your material like it it shown in this video: :slight_smile: -> after that apply it to your landscape - go into the paint tab - click onto the little + beside the layers - now you can paint onto your landscape.

Yes, you can modify the existing grass material

Thanks! I think I got it now.

I have another question. I just followed the tutorial and am able to paint multiple layers, but whenever I paint, it paints the whole section like a square, instead of smoothly like a circle. Any idea why this is?

When it paints a entire section: https://answers.unrealengine/questions/44879/can-understand-how-to-paint-my-terrain.html :slight_smile:

“This is a known issue and is being looked into by our developers. As a temporary workaround, try painting with all of your materials while stopping to let each one compile it’s shaders. Once you do this, go back and try painting with each material and see if that works.”

Yeah I did that, but when I paint my new layer on top of it, it’s very transparent. I painted the grass then a rock over it, and you could see the grass material through the rock :confused:

Just put the paint strenght to “1” :slight_smile:

I did that too, it didn’t work :frowning:

Could you post a picture so that I can see how it looks like?