Question: How do I make my own remodel of something? ^^

Hello any one that (perhaps 100% knows the program better than me hihi), So I’m quite new to the Dev kit and I’m very focused to learn this stuff I’m not into map design (yet) but I wanted to make a remodel of for example flask armor to something medieval for example like horns on the helmet and spikes on the back broken pieces which would be my goal for now! So now i’m wondering if any one is nice enough to tell me where to do this, and maybe even how to make stuff like that ;3
like to blend it etc…

I remember back in skyrim you could use a program but I’m not sure if ark gives us that(unless im a smarty ;p)
I really would like to learn this stuff and make something really cool :smiley:

Thanks ;3

If you want alter the mesh of a exsiting model or create a new one you need a 3d program that supports fbx import/export.
Therer are several of them you can use. Example
Cinema 4d, Maya, Autodesk, Blender, and so on.

Other than that you seems to be rather new to this. so i suggest you pick on of thouse tools of and start learning creating basic meshes before you start putting together horns and spikes :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t agrree with more. Just exporting/importing meshes into your modelling program of choice can be VERY frustrating at first until you find the right combination of plugins, settings, and techniques of actually editing the files. I HIGHLY recommend you get a solid familiarization with the program you choose to use before jumping into editing any meshes that are animated (armors, weapons, dino’s, etc). Get a good solid feel for working with the structures, then move up from there :slight_smile:

Ah i see thanks for the replys ^^ but what program would you guys recomend me to create from the ‘‘flak armor model’’ to make it white and start creating something from that?

but overall what is the one thats the best according to you guys? and easier to export/test your creations?

I my self use Cinema 4d. it not freeware. I would reccomend it since i am so used to it, but it costs alot.
Cinema 4d is super simple to use and offers great tools for animations if your into that
Although it uses another orientation system than UE4 so it can be a bit tricky to export the models with the right vector.

But Since we are dealing with fbx formats here i would recommend that you get Maya.

This is also not freeware. but you can get a student license.
If your not a student and out of cash You can always get Blender. Its free and opensource.
Also there are many tutorials on getting started with all of the tools i mentioned. a quick search on youtube will give you tonz.

Alright nice, So I did see some blenderstuff here and there but as I can see its more based for animation? how will I be able to create something back to ark files? (unless I missunderstand it)