[Question] How do I find the angle of a mesh or collision box surface?

I’m using a Line Trace from the player camera to detect when they are close to specific objects and looking at them.

However, I would like to know the angle of the object so I can push the player at a perpendicular angle away from it over a period of time, relative to the amount of overlap between the line trace and the object.

Does anyone know how I would get the angle of the mesh or collision box surface from the line trace’s hit results? Does it relate to the ‘Impact normal’ output? Or do I have to do something with the ‘Hit Actor’ output?

Thanks :slight_smile:

As you assumed it’s the impact normal. That’s basically the vector (with the length of 1 unit) away from the surface in a right angle. You can get a rotator out of this or do some vector math before that. Whatever floats your boat :smiley:

Thank you, I got that by turning the Normal X Vector into a Normal rotation :slight_smile:

Hey Jimmy_Jazz, anyway I could see your blueprints for this?