[Question]How can I prevent an emissive material/mesh from reflecting?

I have a lot of emissive materials/meshes in my level and when I place a sphere reflection capture it highlights those emissive materials even through other meshes.

Is there a way to prevent this?

How it looks:

How I want it to look(emissive materials are turned off for this but I still need them in the game):

Please help, I would really appreciate it.

If you set your emmisiveness up as a parameter in your material, you can assign all the materials to be non-emissive by default, and in your level blueprint just set them back to emissive on begin play. that way, they aren’t baked in to any of the reflection capture actors or lightmass, but they still show up in game.

Alternativelt, just place more reflection capture actors around the troublesome areas so that the emissive bits dont ‘bleed’ through the walls :stuck_out_tongue:

My emissive lights are in a blueprint, so I would have to add that to the blueprint.

I can’t figure out how I can change the material of all of them automatically though, I tried a foreachloop but that didn’t work.

Use a material parameter collection as the switch to turn them on/off, and reference that in the blueprint to disable them all.

Can you show a screenshot of what you mean?

Even with the emissive material switched off weird glitches happen, for example the whole level turns green or something similar.

I would like to know how I can fix this.

Instead of using an emmisve to get color on your object. Which it seems like thats what you are trying to do. Multiply your base color with a vector parameter, which you then choose the color.

This is my material:

Just to get things clear what are you trying to do?