[Question] Help with Landscape Materials

Hello there,

I’m trying to figure out how exactly to get layering working with landscape materials. I’ve already used this and I can’t seem to understand how to do any of it. I didn’t work with materials a lot in UE3 so that’s probably why I’m not understanding.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for learning how to do this?



Hi Ryan,

One method is by using LandscapeLayerBlend, but it currently causes a crash in Beta 6. Another method is by using LandscapeLayerWeight. So here is the setup you would need to use LandscapeLayerWeights.

This setup is very basic and you will have to add on to it for better results.



You create your layers, I assume you have your landscape layers already made and named.

Then make a layer blend like what I show in the pics below, and click the + button to add each of your layers, and type in the names of your layers.

Then connect the output of the layerblend to diffuse channel.

For each of your layers, plug in your texture.

The UV for the texture needs to be the Landscape Coords node

#Normal Map Layer Blend

Then make another layer blend node exactly the same as the first one, and attach the normals to the inputs, so that each landscape layer has its own normal map,

attach this to the normal channel


Thank you very much!
Very Detailed and helpful :3



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Sorry to open this back up, just couldn’t figure it out.

The new system is entirely new to me personally, so I may seem like a noob asking this, but how exactly do I set up Landscape layers? It’s incredibly difficult for me to understand any of the information on the page.

also if you could include a full blueprint screenshot of a completed landscape material, that would be fantastic :3

Thanks again!