[Question] Get enum value as byte, C++

I would like to get the byte value from enum as integer for array

Initially i do thing like this, but failed:
(i have a struct with enum type)

FStructType myStruct;

uint8 bytes = myStruct.myEnum;

After done some searching i change it to this, but still failed:

struct FStructType{
    EEnumType myEnum;
    UEnumAsByte<EEnumType> getEnum(){
        return myEnum;

FStructType myStruct;
uint8 bytes = myStruct.getEnum();

I need some tips on conversion, please do help me in this ><"

Appreciate for those who willing to help.

Can we see the definition for EEnumType?

If I’m not mistaken, simply “hard” casting it should work.

//Have you tried that?
uint8 bytes = (uint8)myEnum;

is it TEnumAsByte ?? what is UEnumAsByte??? (but you don’t need it if you use class enum)


You forgot set semicolon for complete your struct definition; also you should initialize myEnum value before using it.

uint8 bytes = myStruct.myEnum; 

Should work if you declare your enumeration like enum EEnumType. If you use enum class then change it to:

uint8 bytes = (uint8)myStruct.myEnum;

Hope it helps!

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Thx for reminding me that my struct is missing a semicolon and your solution

I had tried many ways to convert an enum to byte, except your method

Your solution is working fine now ^^

Big Thx!!

Yeah this answer is the same as Bulgakov

enum class EArmorType : uint8{
//UMETA is to enable blueprint switch function
EHelmet UMETA(DisplayName = “Helmet”),
EChest UMETA(DisplayName = “ChestPlate”),
EGlove UMETA(DisplayName = “Gloves”),
EPant UMETA(DisplayName = “Pant”),
EShoes UMETA(DisplayName = “Shoes”)

Im not sure is TEnumAsByte or UEnumAsByte???(Forget where i get this from)

But the method below do suite what i need

tq for replying