Question from potential buyer

Ok I am sure you get a 100 of these and I have look over the first couple of pages but havent seen something to completely answer my quesiton. so I know unity uses c# to make the game do what it wants

i know unreal uses c++ as the engine code, but is c++ also the scripting language that changes things and adds hwo you want items to function? I am knew to this so bare with me. I am wanting to purchase one of the two engines today and I much prefer c++ to c# and I would be using the regular version and not the source code…so is it still fully customizable as far as what your characters and in game items do?

Everything is C++. You can rewrite the whole engine if you so desire.

To begin with, C++ isn’t a scripting language. You can use Blueprint which is a visual scripting language, you can check YouTube for tutorials on it. It’s really a breeze to use.

With that said, they’ve made some progress on Lua integration (and possibly other scripting languages) but I’m not sure it’s there to stay or not.

i think if you are here for the visual scripting language then UE4 is your guy otherwise programming in UE4 is a mess especially the VS and also the build time !
you need a beast to run it and also a beast to compile projects on it.This is completely my point of view but i’m disappointed from the programming side of the engine.

C#, Js in unity called scripting languages, because these are not real languages, it is just the same syntax. and in Unity you can do visual scripting via some plugins.
UE in the other hand give you the visual scripting as an embedded solution have lots of power, and you can make a AAA game with just the blueprint system (the visual programming), this system covers all the base functions you might need. The other choice Epic gives you is C++, and it is not a scripting langue with c++ syntax flavor…nah, it is hard core c++ and the engine code is not that easy for beginners, so if you are willing to make a game based on code, you might waste sometime exploring the code, as it is not so well documented.
In my mind it is great choice to use UE rather than any other engine, even if UDK was better than another engines after the support of different platforms. In my case I do use blueprints the majority of time, but I do add some stuff in the c++ code, not as a game code, but as engine extension.
using UE will save you money, and bring you higher quality if you are seeking it !