Question for the community: Sketchfab pros and cons?

Hi everybody! I had a question for the community: What do you think about SketchFab for 3D previews of content?

Example of the Chess set from yesterday’s Marketplace content release:

I think it’s pretty awesome, and a great way to present content to potential buyers. However, I haven’t worked with it directly, and I was wondering how the community felt about it. Have you worked with Sketchfab before? What’s good and bad about it? How easy is it to set up, what’s the cost, and are there any security concerns or other limitations that may not be immediately obvious? Obviously this would only be usable for characters and props and not Blueprints, VFX, or audio, but what’s it like with animations?

We don’t have a near-term solution for being able to easily preview content like this, but I’d seen a couple submitters use Sketchfab and I thought it was clever. I was thinking that if this would be a good way to present your content that’s easy for people to do, I might suggest Sketchfab to people submitting content to Marketplace to make their presentations awesome. If I can help people sell and present well, I absolutely will. But I want to make sure I know everything I can about it first, and I don’t want to promote using it if it’s expensive or difficult or insecure. So that’s why I wanted to start by asking the community their opinions on using Sketchfab before I do or say anything official. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

I haven’t used it, though I’ve seen it around some 3d forums here and there. It also seems like it may be more suitable to certain projects, such as characters or small content packs. I’m now aware of the work involved in setting up each model but it might be more beneficial to handle a preview with UE4 rather than this for larger scale packs. A quick glance seems to suggest it’s free, in which case the only cost may be time depending on how much it takes to setup. I haven’t really seen sketchfab used within the UE4 forums though, like I’ve seen on forums such as Polycount. I’m not against it’s inclusion or promotion however. =)

I can’t speak to the backend or the ease of prepping models for use with it, etc but as somebody who’s spent a lot of time designing interfaces, Sketchfab is one of the first times I’ve seen presenting 3D models online actually working well. I’m a big fan of how well it seems to work for the end-user and I think it would be well worth exploring. The navigation is easy, works well, and it’s pretty resilient to lower speed connections with how things stream in progressively.

I think something else that might be handy is thinking about ways to encourage our user base to show examples of putting marketplace content to work in their projects. I’m not sure how you’d curate this exactly but seeing videos of the assets in action can really help in making a purchase decision. Of course for the content creators themselves, adding video content to their product pages would be really helpful as well.

Steam has to solve similar problems in the steam store (describing digital goods at a high-ish price point to the consumer) and video is a huge component in making this possible.

I think it’s a good idea, but for me the most important point to take into consideration is :

The rendering fidelity between UE4 and SketchFab.
If you at Epic judge that what you see in SketchFab is the same of UE4 then it’s a good way to show our models, otherwise it’s better a Video recording of UE4 scene.

SketchFab is lovely, but I’m not sure it has same rendering output as UE4 so pictures/video actually could better represent what you will see in UE4.
However I think it’s awesome and should be used everywhere 8) Come on, I could add spaceships to my forum post, it is priceless!

Marmoset viewer is coming out soon as well. :slight_smile:

An interface within the unreal engine editor abled to export one file directly to a web viewer like this. Why Not?