Question for StudioWildCard on adding new UI

Hey this question is directed towards the creators of Ark unless there is another way that someone might know. I am trying to add a new UI with UMG based off button event attached to an object, currently a duplicated c4 remote. I have it working nicely but once I use it such as the UI displays on screen and then I close the UI, if I still have the remote equipped in my hands about 20 - 30 seconds later the dev kit crashes, same for in game. I believe the cause is because I am adding a widget to viewport that already has a widget attached to the viewport which is the HUD. I could be wrong, but I am assuming the HUD main source enables and disables widgets and visibility of widgets based on input so the HUD controls everything, such as inventory and pause menu on possibly one main widget or blueprint file. So my question is will there be at some point in the future a way for us modders to have access to add new types of UI to the list of UI? Also just to clear things up I do not want to change the look of any of the original widgets, I am creating a new mod with a nice function that requires input from the players, so wanted a new UI to accept input, which I did but with this crashing bug. Also, almost forgot, the only way it will work as of now is if you enquip the remote or switch to another item like axe, then there is no crash.

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You might check the differences in what is executed to fully close ui widgets and such. It sounds to me like the widget is not getting fully closed in certain situations. For the close button you can add a OnClicked (CloseButton) event. The devs likely handle the event in the source code for their UI elements so you would need to script what needs to be executed to fully close the widget. I recommend going through the UMG UI Designer.

I have looked through all sorts of tutorials on the UMG but each one shows how to disable or hide UI and/or remove from view port when done. None of the options have been working except for removing from view port but it still crashes. From my understanding of the tutorials what the game has is a widget already up, that is the hud, which is why we can see the 8 item slot at the bottom and our status on the bottom left corner of screen. If I am correct they are enabling and disabling, along with hiding and showing visibility, of other widgets based off key events such as pressing I for inventory menu but all run off main hud. So my setup should work except like I mentioned before I think adding the two separate widgets to the view port is whats really causing the issue. Unless there is a way to completely destroy the newly created widget instead of just removing from view port… I am going to see if there is a way to destroy widgets instead of just removing from view port, if not then I am still going to have this issue :frowning: hopefully I find a solution/work around for my issue.

Also, I close and remove from viewport using the onClicked event so its not that. I have to find another way

Well just realized it crashes after a few seconds just from adding the widget to UI, so don’t know whats going on, smh

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Well nothing seems to work, just adding a new widget to the viewport will cause it to crash after a while. I think the other issue is that the UI for the game was done in C++ which is why I can’t find the main master widget. All I need is to be able to get user input such as entering in some numbers :frowning: