Question for people who understnad legalities

What must you go through to make a game based on a book.

Like I know the witcher was based off a book series so was the elder scrolls I think? So do you have to get rights? or what .

Yes, you would have to contact the book author or the book publisher to get the rights to make a game.

I was curious because I read that the author of the witcher books hated the games, I dont know if he is even alive or how old they are or etc I jsut found if that was true did they make him without his permission lol

Probably most authors are in the position where the publisher controls all of that and they don’t have any say in the licensing, though they get royalties from it.

Ahhh that makes sense, wonder if its really expensive to make a game based on a book.

Well it really all depends on how the things that happened in the book will be used in your game. You could of course rip off the book (change the names of characters, locations, text, and change the dialog), since copying an idea does not require you to have the rights, but there are always things like trade dress that you may need to worry about.

See this link: Trade dress - Wikipedia