[Question for Epic] Any Plans for Android TV?

Hey Epic Games Staff,

Are there any plans for Android TV support in Unreal Engine 4?

For those of you unaware or uninformed about Android TV here are some links. :slight_smile:

Isn’t Android TV same as…Android?

I guess i should have clarified.

Will there be android TV Specific features in Unreal 4?

The engine currently detects system feature on startup and forces landscape. We are always looking at new feature support. Was there any particular feature you had in mind to add to the roadmap?

Oops sorry - I let this slip by my watch - My bad.

Will there be analytic integration in unreal engine 4? Stuff such as Heat maps showing where people have walked the most, died the most, as well as where they get stuck. etc.

I know that Google has this as well as third party applications. I would particularly like heat map support for games on Android.

That said - Could this be some sort of Framework integrated into UE4 that can be deployed via HTML5?

Here is what I am talking about -

That’s game specific and Google does not track 3d positions (web != game).
It wouldn’t be hard to make it yourself though.

Not really game specific. You could apply analytics to an large scale MMORPG like WoW or an FPS like Halo 4. Even games like Candy Crush and the like have Analytic support.
Heat maps are just an example and something I would like to see.

Hi Chris,

Can you add more support so that there is a proper or manifest features added Android TV support. Forcing landscape is simply not enough for proper Android TV support.
UE4 Editor should have additional Android packaging settings for android tv. Such as: uses-feature for android.hardware.touchscreen, android.hardware.gamepadd and Activity style for android:theme="@style/Theme.Leanback, intent filter for android.intent.category.LEANBACK_LAUNCHER, Application flag for isGame=true, section for proper tv banners images and gamepad support/requirements.
Currently its feels much more difficult than needs to be in general with this Manifest Override that are not only not documented but somethings are very difficult since you also need to build including the leanback support library that will include dependencies for the style.
On Unity they have all these items pre-setup and easily configurable in their Android packaging section for Android TV support.
I think it would be very beneficial for game devs wanting to create android tv packages.
For more information and checklist items for proper Android tv:

It would be also great to add a uses-feature list that is similar to what you have for permissions in the Android manifest section for device specific features.

Hi Chris,

UE4 really needs full support for Android TV. Forcing to landscape is simply not enough and the games don’t get properly get added to the Android TV launcher.
It would be good to add new items in the Android packaging section for all the items that need to be properly set in the AndroidManifest.xml and res folder items.

These are all well described here:

These items include:

  1. uses-feature for along with proper intent-filter for android.intent.category.LEANBACK_LAUNCHER
  2. uses-feature for android.hardware.touchscreen
  3. uses-feature for android.hardware.gamepad
  4. Application flag for isGame=true
  5. TV @banner definition for image @ 320x180
  6. Activity style for android:theme="@style/Theme.Leanback" (This would require you adding leanback support library jar file to package)

It would also be great to see another manifest list for uses-feature to support other device specific hardware features without using the mysterious and undocumented manifest override txt files that are very limited. Seems like hacking the AndroidBuildTool deploy .cs files are the extent to what developers need to do today.

Needless to say, Unity now has all this built into their Android packaging section and I would really like to see this included in the next UE4 v4.10.5 or v4.11.0 releases.


Hi seanpaultaylor,

I’ll add this to the to-do list. 4.12 is a possibility, but this can be done as a plugin so backward support is possible. The manifest modifications can be done with APL and so can the leanback jar inclusion.

What happened with this?