Question for education software license fee

Hello, iscreamedu is education tech company. we service math, english, etc~ workbook. textbook in android tablet. and we receive monthly subscription fee ( 100 doller )
I want to add 3d education tutor service to our service using unreal engine.
( 홈런-HomeLearn - AI튜터 ) now service 2d application
I want to know license fee before make start 3d tutor. please help me…

From: EULA - Unreal Engine

i. Non-Engine Products (e.g., Rendered Video Files)
You will not owe us any royalty payments for Distributing Products that (i) do not include any Engine Code, (ii) do not require any Engine Code to run and (iii) do not include Starter Content in source format (“Non-Engine Products ”) to any person or entity.

This means, for example, you will not owe us royalties for Distributing:
● rendered video files (e.g., broadcast or streamed video files, cartoons, movies, or images) created using the Engine Code (even if the video files include Starter Content)

So, It’s my understanding that there would be no license fee or royalties due on learning content or tutoring services.