Question for dev kit developers

  1. Currently, it seems like if i run my server with mod, i will need to wait for dev kit update to have new stuff from the patch
    Example : dev kit is at 188 (no feeding trough) while game is at 189
    Is this the case? or is there a way around that?

  2. Is there a quick way to modify core data?
    Example : i want to modify so that prime meat become stackable, etc
    Only way i can do it right now is clone the prime meat entity, modify it, then modify each of the dinos that drop prime meat (which is i need to modify the entire deathdrop entity)
    then modify each of the dinos character to use that deathdrop, then modify spawn list to spawn the modified dinos character
    Is there a way to add custom prime meat quickly to dinos death drop?

  3. Is there a way to mass replace value?
    Example : plan to modify metal pick and hatchet, so i need to clone each of them, modify their engram entry, their structure entity, point them back to “custom” smithy, then go to that custom smithy to add new metal pick and hatchet to default engram, etc
    Is there a quick way to modify engram?


As of right now, no there is not.

  1. Yes, that is a correct assumption. And no there is no way around this currently.

  2. Nope, again not yet.

  3. Nope, and once again, not yet.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but even a small mod like that currently needs quite bit of references redone :frowning:

Cool, just based on the 1st one XD i guess it’s not the time for me to make custom mod yet then :slight_smile: based on how fast the major patch is release

Honestly, it’s really not much more work. I don’t understand why people get so turned away from something just because of a little extra work. This is more than likely something that will be a regular thing for Modders for a while to come. I for one am understanding about the situation we are presented with as modders currently and will continue to mod despite the little inconvenience. What you are shying away from is realistically only 20-30 mins more of work.

Well Pwn it depends on what you are doing… and how often you have to completely re-do your mod.

It can become very, very complex.

Imagine a mod that adds a few extra items, structures and dinos. When a new patch comes out, you have to pretty much recompile everything from a new PrimalData blueprint template, re-build all your references after checking that nothing has changed in the parent templates. This can go 4-5 layers deep when you think about adjacent things like saddles usable on new dinos, various resources and inventories correctly working with your upstream modifications etc.

Having said all that, I guess if we think about multi-mods running… we can’t all be over-writing the original blueprints or this will never happen.

Kind of wish the devs would post in here a bit more and clarify some of these points. I’m a little frustrated that I can’t get mod to run on dedi servers anymore… but I suspect the 189 devkit is probably going to change a lot of things anyway to facilitate multi-mod support.

Early access games… love and hate em’ at the same time.

Oh trust me when I say Pwnda and myself know this all too well man haha. We’ve just accepted the fact it’s part of the process right now regardless of if we like it or not.

There is a lot of work that could be considered “unnecessary” right now that is part of the process, but the fact is, that is currently unavoidable if you want to mod. The Dev’s are doing their best to keep up with the Dev Kit updates, fixes, and issues that present themselves from what I’ve seen. We need to keep in mind they ALSO work on Ark too & have a schedule to keep with it :wink:

@ this “we can’t all be over-writing the original blueprints or this will never happen.” I might have misunderstood what you meant by this, but in case I didn’t, you should never be over-writing original blueprints. You should be duplicating, and remapping.

@ Well, my offer still stands to skype or teamview with you to try to establish the culprit if that is something you are interested in doing.

  • Sinari

Respect your opinion but i’m not actually a modder :slight_smile: i have far more important thing to do than update the mod every time the new patch is out (and i plan to modify prime meat → need to modify dinos as well → will all be gone if i attempt to take out the mod for the player to play in the new patch as dev kit is currently not up to date)

I only decide to make mod so that the player on my server will have a better game experience

If the dev can improve the mod so that everytime you run the mod, it will only remap the thing that you modified instead of the entire master list then it would be good

Again, i dont hate the game, dont even hate the dev kit
Just dont think it’s a right time for me to involve in modding yet

Thanks for all of the reply anyway :slight_smile:

This is already implemented (not having to modify entire master list). You don’t need to add items to the master item list at all anymore, you can just do it via remap engrams.

And I can understand having better things to do, but as Pwnda stated, sadly there is a bit of extra work involved in the process at the current state, and sadly there is no way around it at the given moment :confused:

There is pro’s and con’s to running a modded server, and that is just part of how things are right now. Will it always be like this? Extremely doubtful cause they are working very hard on Ark and the Dev Kit. And they make sure to listen to feedback too :smiley:

Sorry to hear this all

We hope to see you back sometime soon!

  • Sinari

Some question about the remap function

Example : i want to add modfied Metal Pick

Which file should i remap?

Example2 : I want to modify prime meat

Is there a remap that will help with this?

You put none for the From and you put the To as the new items. This is done under the Remap Engrams array. And yes, you can put primalitems in there too :smiley:

Maybe this was just all the info you needed to make your mod do-able? If that’s the case I’m sorry I didn’t mention this sooner.

If you are trying to edit core blueprints, don’t do that. Just simply make a duplicated prime meat item with your edited changes, and remap the “harvesting” component accordingly. That prevents you from having to subclass/duplicate a bajillion things.

There is a good amount of info on the remapping functions and what they can be used for in the patch notes for the Dev Kit (stickied post) just a heads up & also here:

  • Sinari

Yes i never modify core data, always duplicate it

  1. Why is the From “None” ?
    sorry for confusion, i mean i want to replace the Original Metal pick with the Modified one and not add the new ite. I can see there a at least 3 files associate with Metal Pick : Engram Entry, WeaponMetalPick, etc, which file should i put in the remap ?

  2. by remap “harvesting component”, what do you mean? the remap resources components category?

Well here’s the problem;

  1. Replacing a current existing item is a PITA as it requires you to remap a billion things. So the work around is INSTEAD to add a new item. I understand that is not the desired task to accomplish exactly, but it’s pretty much the only way to avoid having to duplicate a massive amount of things. You would want to put primalitem_weapon_metalpick there along with the engram.

  2. Yes. I believe it will work for DinoHavestingComponents as well as what it was really meant for, which is ResourceHarvestComponents.


Modding is hard work and not a simple hobby xD

And that is why I enjoy it so much. It’s hard work, but it’s also not impossible to figure out if you are just getting into it :smiley:

Last time I checked any child BP/duplicate receives updates from the parent, and that goes for the primal game data BP. I have had little maintenance with my mod each update because I try to child the BP that are expected to update frequently.

Same here for the most part. Only real maintenance work I’ve had to do was with updating PrimalGameData and a minor few other things.

  • Sinari