Question: Flooring

I have the need to make a multi-story building. The initial level had one staircase and making the second floor was fairly straight forward. In creating the third level I had a much more difficult time. The floor between levels two and three require three openings: two stair cases and one large cargo opening. When I build this floor I had to use many more pieces and I’m concerned that they are all not perfectly level.

Is there an easier and more precise way of making a floor with so many openings?

Thanks in advance

How do you create the building? -> in a 3d program or with bsp brushes? :slight_smile:
So your questions is how you can create a floor with several holes?

I’ve been using a cube in 3rd person and adjusting it suit. I have everything setup with the appropriate access points, but, since there are so many pieces, I can’t be 100% sure all those panels are level.

Do it in a 3d program or with bsp brushes -> you will get a better result + better performance + the uv maps will stay correctly :slight_smile:
e.g blender: