[Question] Find Look At Rotation C++


I’ve been using this function call to “FindLookAtRotation()” in my blueprints, and I’m in the process of porting my project over to C++. However, I can’t seem to find that function. According to the blueprints, It’s located in the Kismet Math Library. However, When I search through FMath:: i can’t find it. Was the function renamed? Or am I just looking in the wrong spot. Any help with this would be awesome, thanks!



/** Find a rotation for an object at Start location to point at Target location. */
00647: UFUNCTION(BlueprintPure, Category="Math|Rotator")
00648: static FRotator FindLookAtRotation(const FVector& Start, const FVector& Target);



Thank you! I sorta assumed the class would be “KismetMathLibrary”, So I couldn’t find it. And I couldn’t get the API docs do download off the ftp. Thanks!

If you right click on a blueprint node, you can click “Goto code definition”.