[Question] FBX Skeletal Mesh will not import

I have a mesh thats been rigged with humanIK (Want to use maya rigging tools but doesn’t work with out mocap software as we can’t add a root bone) that I want to bring into engine but it keeps giving me a “Failed to import” error that doesn’t really tell me anything… Ive poked around to see if i could figure it out myself and have a sneaking suspicion that its to do with Maya exporting groups and humanIK controls into .fbx and engine doesn’t ignore them on import…

Any help would be appreciated.

Rename this to .fbx

Rename this to .mb

I downloaded FBX file and opened in 3dsmax. mesh has no skinning on it so Rocket wont be able to import it as skeletal mesh. I was able to import your goblin as static mesh (which is what Rocket selected by default) without problem. Another thing is Rocket uses FBX 2013 so you might want to export your assets in 2013 format. When i imported your Goblin i got a version mismatch message. :slight_smile:

One more thing: When you want to attach your assets with your post, you can them up and attach here. :slight_smile:

Thanks for tip turns out there was a setting in fbx exporter that was unchecked in relation to skins and deformers I’m not sure if its on by default but it was off now.

ITs open from Autodesk 3DS Max and Maya 2014

Hey Peude,

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