Question : Extending ark console commands

Hello everyone,

I’m currently downloading the ark dev kit and new to the whole ark modding scene in general. I find that the remote console administration needs a lot of work and I’d like to try my hand at extending it. I’ve done a bit of research but I haven’t found anything.

Example would be to turn :

ListPlayers-> returns "0. Name, Steam_ID"


ListPlayersMod-> returns "0. Name, Steam_ID, Level, Location, Age(if possible), Time ( if possible), etc"

Does anyone know if this is possible through the dev kit or other means?

The ability exists, to some extent - no one has done it yet from what I can tell, to use custom console commands. This however needs an override of the GameMode meaning no stackability as it needs to be the first GameMode loaded.

Get ahold of the SoTF files and look through the GameMode for that - I would presume that’s where they’ve done it, they use a custom console command to start the game so if there’s any means of doing it that would be the best place to look.


There are hundreds of such console commands for ark. Perhaps this guide might have all of them & updated one too.

Let me know if there’s any command left.